Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Are You Prepared?

Subject: Are you really prepared?


This is shocking…

Recent events prove that in a crisis you may have less than 20 minutes to respond if you and your loved ones hope to survive.

Even worse, lately the disasters have been much much worse and they’re happening more often.

All it takes is ONE tornado, earthquake, flood, train crash or madman to turn your world upside down within minutes, as this report explains…

Survive in Place

I know, this isn’t what I normally write to you about, but I wanted to let you know what I’m going to keep my family safe in light of recent events.

Think about it…

Whether it’s a storm, a riot, a flood, an earthquake, or an infectious disease, you’ve got to be ready IN ADVANCE.

Otherwise your chances of survival aren’t good, according to Urban Survival Expert, David Morris, as he explains here:

Survive in Place

In the chaos and confusion it is extremely difficult to know what to do unless you already have a plan.

If you’re not prepared already, I understand.  I wasn’t either!

Nobody teaches this stuff…

And, studies show that most Americans mistakenly believe they’d have to fully stock a retreat far away from civilization or something.

That simply isn’t true.

For one thing, if you pin your survival on getting to a far away retreat I have bad news for you…

In times of crisis you may not be able to even GET THERE if roads are out or blocked.

So unless you plan on living like a hermit off in the middle of nowhere and spend a ton of money on supplies and equipment, you’re going to want to take steps to get prepared now.

The good news is that I did all the research for you and found a FREE mini-course by David Morris, author of the acclaimed ‘Urban Survival Guide’.

Survive in Place

What impressed me is that more than 4,000 military, law enforcement, and preparedness minded people have gone through this same course.

David Morris shows you how to survive short, medium, and long term disasters from your home when relocating to a fully-stocked rural retreat isn’t an option.

Many have called it the most practical and complete course on modern survival that exists today.

You can get instant access to this free mini-course right now from this direct link…

Survive in Place

That quick step will go a LONG way to putting your mind at ease, while today’s headlines scare the heck out of everyone else.

When you’re prepared, you can best help yourself, your family, and your friends and neighbors.

For Good Changes Now,

Kathy Beaman

P.S. If you just skipped down to read the bottom of this admittedly long article, I don’t blame you.

Here’s the bottom line:

Unrest and chaos is sweeping the globe and could strike home at any time without warning.

The time to prepare is now.

Find out how in David Morris’ acclaimed FREE urban survival mini-course at…

Survive in Place


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