Friday, February 23, 2018

When to Give Pets as Gifts

Give Pets as Gifts after many factors have been taken into consideration, including long term costs and cleaning and UV-C Sanitizing. There are many reminders in this article before you decide to buy a pet.
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Holiday Affirmations

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Holiday Affirmations Happy Holiday greetings are in the air. Happy Holiday Affirmations are a way to overcome conditioned reflexes from past holidays and personality conflicts. Do you cringe hearing those words or do you experience feelings of “I cannot wait to see Mary.” How we respond to the holidays tells us what we have conditioned […]

Back to School Shopping and Savings

Back to School Shopping and Savings (Continue Reading)

Grab Your Ebook

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Grab your Ebook from Good Changes Now. Improve Your Life With Green Living and Light (Continue Reading)

6 Better Lifestyle Products

6 better lifestyle products such as full spectrum lighting for better vision and energy, air sanitizer, UV-C sanitizer, and solar products. (Continue Reading)

Are You Prepared?

Unrest and chaos is sweeping the globe and could strike home at any time without warning. The time to prepare is now. (Continue Reading)

Good Changes Now on Facebook

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Good Changes Now on Facebook

Alternative Energy Ideas – Solar Products

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Solar products – Use the free energy of the sun to power your cell phone, games, I-Pod, computer, GPS navigator, or digital camera. (Continue Reading)

Light Relief Can Help With Pain

Find fast relief from stiffness, minor muscle pain, and joint pain with Light Relief Therapy (Continue Reading)

Clean Air – Odor free

The UV-C Air Sanitizer effectively utilizes UV-C technology to kill the spread of airborne germs, pet odors and odors in the home or office. (Continue Reading)

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