Saturday, January 20, 2018

Benefits of Shopping Online

Shopping online is popular.  Have you wondered why people shop online instead of taking a trip to the retail store in their neighborhood?Shopping Online

Here is an example of “why” a person would go shopping online:  Just imagine, you are cleaning up the clutter in your home and you just tripped over your laptop battery that you had ready to replace. Oops, you broke your foot!  While waiting in the emergency room to have a cast put on your foot, you realized that you had not ordered your battery, after all.  You quickly pull out your smart phone and order a new battery online, that was convenient!  Years ago there was no online shopping, but being the savvy person you are know the advantages of shopping online.

There are many benefits of shopping online

  • Shopping online is easy, fast, and fun.
  • There are a wide variety of products for family, friends, and pets.
  • Shopping online saves money.
  • Products are delivered to your doorstep.
  • It is a fabulous tool to stay connected with family and friends, even if you have limited mobility or income.
  • You can shop for gifts for special occasions. for you daughter’s graduation or wedding gift.
  • Online shopping if you are in a disastrous situation.
  • Store is open 24/7 and can shop any time.
  • Browsing and shopping can be as long as one desires.
  • Shop conveniently from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Shop anywhere on the Internet.
  • No lines, parking fees, or gas.
  • Purchase safely and securely.
  • Big selection and can buy brand names at great prices.
  • Can buy rare or vintage items.
  • Often lower prices than retail stores, and includes sales and coupons.
  • Quick shipping.

People are shopping online to save time, money, and find a variety of products

Online shopping is growing every year, which is good for the consumer.  E-commerce and online spending has increased 15 percent in 2012 and the Amazon has had a 30 percent increase in North America ¹.  Amazon is the largest Internet retailer where people buy more stuff online than 12 of its biggest competitors combined. ²Shopping Online

As shopping online continues to grow, merchants are competing to get your business.  As a result there will be great deals to be found.  The products I am shopping for are easy to find and I save money on these products.  For example, I was looking for a battery for my laptop and found the best deal on  It took less than 5 minutes to find what I was shopping for, and the battery was $50 less than the nearest retail store.

I have a family member who loves shopping from home out of catalogs.  She buys high quality clothes and household items.  The products are delivered quickly and it is convenient and easier for her since she cannot get out to shop at the neighborhood retail store.  Many catalogs are now on the internet.

Simple Tips for Shopping Online

  • Look for websites, such as Good Changes Now, that review and recommend products to you.
  • Gain knowledge of products by comparing information.
  • Find innovative products to help make your life easier.
  • Look at Good Changes Now on Amazon for suggestions.
  • Read our blog articles for more information.
  • Click on the Amazon links to find what you want and need.
  • Once you click on the links you can look for items with keywords and save money.
  • If you are a shopper, this is the place!

Example:  Online shopping – Make Travel Easier

Enjoy shopping!



2. The Only Place People Buy Online is Amazon


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