Friday, February 23, 2018

Light Therapy For Sleep and Insomnia

Do you have Insomnia and have trouble going to sleep? Light therapy helps you sleep naturally without side effects or drugs. (Continue Reading)

Light Therapy is For Pets

Light therapy is for pets. Pets have similar symptoms to the human Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD, and they also can have depression and lethargy. (Continue Reading)

Light Therapy for Pain Relief

I had pain and inflammation in my hip. After taking traditional pain medication, the pain kept coming back. The medication was expensive and had side effects. So I tried a safe and natural treatment of light therapy for pain relief. (Continue Reading)

Light Relief Can Help With Pain

Find fast relief from stiffness, minor muscle pain, and joint pain with Light Relief Therapy (Continue Reading)

Light Therapy For Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Newer research suggest that a critical part of SAD light treatment is ‘blue light’ in the blue spectrum of natural and full spectrum artificial light. (Continue Reading)

Skin Treatment For Wrinkles

Rejuvenate your skin’s complexion with the power of soothing light therapy in your own home. (Continue Reading)