Tuesday, January 23, 2018

6 Better Lifestyle Products

6 better lifestyle products such as full spectrum lighting for better vision and energy, air sanitizer, UV-C sanitizer, and solar products. (Continue Reading)

How to Avoid the Flu and Colds

9 Ways To Prevent Flu and Colds – There are some simple but highly effective ways to combat flu viruses and germs. Some are common sense and some may be new to you, like UV-C light technology. (Continue Reading)

Fourth of July Are You Ready?

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Many of us start the preparations early, putting away those things that have been lying around for a while, shampooing the carpets, dusting the furniture, and cleaning the grill. (Continue Reading)

Clean Air – Odor free

The UV-C Air Sanitizer effectively utilizes UV-C technology to kill the spread of airborne germs, pet odors and odors in the home or office. (Continue Reading)

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Allergies? Sneezy? Breathing Problems? Here is beautiful solution for such daily annoying afflictions. Why not try a Himalayan Salt Lamp? (Continue Reading)

Cleaning Tips for the Older, Sick or Injured Pet

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The UV-C Sanitizing Bed and Furniture Vacuum is the alternative pet cleaning way to sanitize your pet’s environment. The vacuum uses UV-C light to sanitize. (Continue Reading)

Stop Holiday Shame Pet Accidents

How to Clean Pet Accidents and End Holiday Shame. Pets are a part of our home and the Holidays are no exception. (Continue Reading)

Did You Know the Shopping Season Has Begun?

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Make Holiday Shopping Easy on Yourself. Shop for Gifts on Good Changes Now on Amazon.com (Continue Reading)

Toxic Homes

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Toxic Homes. You’re considering the purchase of a newly-built home and you’re impressed with that ‘new house smell’ when you walk in the front door. Don’t be: that smell comes from chemicals in the products. (Continue Reading)

Full-Spectrum Light, the Near-Natural Light

Full-Spectrum lighting reduces eye strain, headaches, glare and fatique. (Continue Reading)

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