Friday, February 23, 2018

When to Give Pets as Gifts

Give Pets as Gifts after many factors have been taken into consideration, including long term costs and cleaning and UV-C Sanitizing. There are many reminders in this article before you decide to buy a pet.
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Light Therapy is For Pets

Light therapy is for pets. Pets have similar symptoms to the human Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD, and they also can have depression and lethargy. (Continue Reading)

Tips For Pet Constipation

Tips for keeping your older pet regular and pet constipation. As our loved furry friends age they often have the same problems as older adults, such as digestive challenges. (Continue Reading)

Pet-Be-Calm for Pet Anxiety

The research has shown pets can be calmer by holding them and snuggling down. They have created anti-anxiety shirts that snuggle and calm your pet, like the ThunderShirt. (Continue Reading)

Your Healthy Pets

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Good Changes Now has tips for cleaning, sanitizing and keeping your pet healthy. [Read More]