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Cleaning Tips for the Older, Sick or Injured Pet

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Like us, our pet companions age, get sick and occasionally get injured

They have special needs and need extra patience from us.

Frequent pet accidents can be trying along with the smells, cat odors and dog odors.Cleaning Pet Accidents

Just one look at their face tells you and they know that they have done something wrong.

If possible, when you are going to be gone longer than expected have people look in on them during the day.

During this challenging time it is especially important to help your pet’s immune system.

When the home environment is clean – your pet has more energy

It is necessary for your pet’s health that germs are eliminated, odors are reduced, and the pet bed, carpet, and furniture smells fresh and clean.

The alternative to pet cleaning and pet accidents is to sanitize your pet’s environment and use the UV-C Sanitizing Bed and Furniture Vacuum. The vacuum uses UV-C Sanitizing to kill germs and leave a clean fresh household for your and your loved ones.


“As the former owner of Loving Spoonful (Seattle’s first Home Pet and Plant Care Business) I found these tips helpful. I encountered more than most, my share of pet accidents during the course of ownership.”  Darielle

UV-C Sanitizing gives you peace of mind that your special ones are in a household where the invisible pet odors are taken care of with less effort on your part.


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    That looks excellent — both for eau de cat as well as that indescribable doggy smell:)