Saturday, January 20, 2018

Clothes for Pets?

Should My Dog Wear Clothes?

I must admit I had an attitude about the trend of dogs wearing clothes, hats and even booties.  Really…a dog is a dog, not a fashion statement. I can barely afford to dress myself let alone my dog.  Did this start with Paris Hilton?  Maybe it’s been going on sincePet Apparel who knows when.  But, before all I know  it’s been bothering me. What a waste of money I thought, how foolish and ridiculous.

So then I guess it was Christmas this year I did a total flip flop.  I would see these little pet clothes hanging in my favorite pet store and I broke down.  I picked up this really cute red and white Santa outfit, eyeballed it for the correct size and bought it!  I was having my family over for Christmas Day brunch and thought my little dog “Snickers” would be the star of the party.  He was!  He looked so cute in his costume and got lots of attention.  I was mostly amazed at how he seemed to want to show off.  He really loved wearing it!

So to any of you skeptics, give pet apparel a try

Find some adorable pet clothes for your dog, like polo shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, and let the magic happen.  Your dog may feel like a super star!

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One Response to “Clothes for Pets?”
  1. fiona says:

    Cute! And super for a cold snap:)