Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Feng Shui: The Benefits of Fountains

Fountains have many benefits

 Brass Chime Fountain

Brass Chime Fountain

Fountains are amazing in their beauty, versatility, and soothing sounds.

People are drawn to fountains anywhere they are placed.

Want to add a design feature? Try a fountain. This water bell fountain has lovely sounds as the bells move around. Feng Shui consultants around the world use these water features to bring peace and harmony to any environment.

Add a few candles and a fountain and it can turn your home into a romantic setting. Butter up your honey for that trip you want to take, or that new item you have had your eye on…lights, sounds, music and food and you’re ready to go!

People and animals enjoy health benefits

Some little known facts about fountains are that they are natural air purifiers. The circulating water releases negative ions into the air, attracting dirt to the water and purifying it.

If you are looking to increase your healthy lifestyle, fountains are an easy way to lower stress in your joints and muscles, as well as relaxing the entire body. Their soothing sounds and appearance lend nicely to a positive mindset. The sounds enter our ears and create a third sound – the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres.

People and animals experience a more relaxed environment and a calmer presence with a fountain. Guests are immediately put at ease and conversation flows easier. In-laws also enjoy the pleasing calming nature of fountains.

Outdoor water fountains

Amazon outdoor fountain

Outdoor Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain can turn any backyard into an oasis. Make any gathering an occasion from formal to informal with friends. I have used fountains in my backyard for decades and have my favorite chair nearby for an afternoon break from writing.

As a Feng Shui consultant, I have found that conflicts become less in homes with fountains and people seem more open to making healthy lifestyle adjustments.



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