Friday, February 23, 2018

Healing Books For Cancer, Diabetes and Guided Imagery

Healing Books For Cancer, Diabetes and Guided Imagery

My list of recommendations for healing books comes from years of being a therapist and clients saying that guided imagery (visualization) techniques helped them deal with illness. Two of the people were my sister and husband.  As a result, we researched healthy lifestyles changes.

People are not prepared to hear they have cancer,  diabetes or any major illness.  Shock and fear take hold and people need time to process.  There are many wonderful books and techniques available to you.

Many times we are informed by our health care professionals to change our way of eating or increase activity levels, but we can find new ways to deal with illness.

Guided Imagery and Cancer

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote:

“One of the first people to use and promote Guided Imagery (Visualization) was Dr. Carl O. Simonton, a radiation oncologist, who pioneered the mind-body connection in fighting cancer. He instituted a program at Travis Air Force Base in 1970’s.

He noticed that patients that were given the same dose of radiation for similar cancers had a more positive outlook,  lived longer and had fewer side effects. Carl Simonton M.D., taught guided imagery which includes teaching patients to visualize their bodies fighting cancer cells — and winning the war.”

Recommended Books

Healing Books For Cancer, Diabetes, and Guided Imagery;


The Healing Journey by Carl Simonton, M.D

The Cancer Conqueror

Mediterranean Diet


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