Saturday, January 20, 2018

Help for Odors and Germs in College and Teenagers Rooms

Parents are worried about child’s health and welfare

In these challenging times parents are more concerned than ever about viruses and flu.Germs and dust mites

Dealing with germs, bacteria (MRSA), dust mites and E.coli is a daily challenge.

It’s not like you don’t have enough to worry about.

Chemical-free cleaning helps freshen the indoor environment

A few recent inventions, like UV-C Light technology, can help relieve your mind about killing germs without using chemicals.  It is safe, effective and affordable.

Our parents did not have the benefit of UV-C Light technology to kill germs, so bleaching was the most effective way to kill germs.  Although bleach wasn’t an option with special fabrics and those with color, curtains, pet beds and wood floors.  Some even required dry cleaning.

We all remember hearing,  “Clean up your room, vacuum, wash your clothes” as we grew up.  So as our own kids get older that worry is still there and we are still asking, “Is your room clean? Company is coming.”

College students or teenagers are loaded with so many projects that cleaning their room is just one more thing to do.

How do you save time cleaning?  Here are some tips:

  • Run a Furniture and Bed Sanitizing Vacuum  along the furnitureFurniture and Bed Sanitizing Vac
  • Use a light weight UV-C Sanitizing Wand along surfaces – it’s fast and easy
  • Notice the fresh room smell along with germs killed with green technology
  • Sanitize pillows, sneakers, backpacks, desks, computers, beds, bedding, and sinks.

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