Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hot Trends: Go Green

There can be no doubt that the most pervasive, if not the newest, trend is to “Go Green”

Cleaning products, for instance, have become ‘greener,’ more friendly to the environment.  Fewer household cleaners require protective clothing and active ventilation, and more have become gentler and less objectionable in the air.


Clean With “Light” and Without Chemicals

The most friendly of the green cleaning products, use ultraviolet light UV-C light to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters, and floors.  They can also be used to sanitize bedding, drapes, furniture, and carpets without harm.  Various appliances that use ultraviolet light can kill salmonella, E.coli, flu, MRSA, and viruses before they have a chance to cause infection.  In a very real sense, the ‘greenest’ of chemical-free cleaning products is actually UV-C light! (ultraviolet light).

Renewable Electricity With Solar Energy & Wind Power

Renewable  sources of power have been tapped to provide electricity for homes, offices and factories.  The wind can be harnessed more readily and efficiently than ever before, and solar energy is easier and less expensive to capture.  New building codes require new and improved insulation and windows that form more of a barrier between inside and outside.

Fuel Alternatives are Gaining Popularity

Automakers have seized the initiative to put millions of dollars into new research to make their cars and trucks more efficient.  They have found new ways to use ethanol to help reduce reliance on fossil fuels.  Hybrid cars run on a combination of internal combustion engines and batteries and have become commonplace.  Manufacturers have broken down some of the traditional consumer objections to all-electric cars.  Research continues into development of hydrogen fuel cells.

Green Recycling Programs

While traditional chemicals still make up the largest share of lawn and garden pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, more and more homeowners and landscape professionals are using natural compounds instead.  Composting has increased in popularity.  Some cities and counties have developed “Green” programs to collect fallen and removed tree branches and shrubs and turn them into mulch for flower beds and decorative parking strips.

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