Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How Social Media Shocked Me

Millions were on social media during the Boston Marathon manhunt.

Social media revealed the truth during the Boston Marathon manhunt. I was one of those in shock and disbelief, disgusted, and my heart was sickened at what happened during the Boston Marathon.  I wanted “justice” after lives were taken too soon and so many people who were wounded.  It was senseless.  Who would do such a thing – set off bombs, take lives, and virtually lock down an American city?  Suddenly fear of personal safety crept in and and these events felt too close for comfort.  Such a sad and tragic situation!

As emotions grew, it was explained that this was a terrorist act.  I was thirsty to know more and my amateur sleuth kicked-in.  I used social media websites, forums, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and had a burning desire to hear every new tidbit of information.  Updates on television were on 24/7 to find the perpetrators.  These 4 days became a “real time” reality show as I listened to the internet radio and watched every channel that had news updates.  I checked Twitter Tweets that were coming from the police and I was glued to CNN television updates.

I was shocked and wanted to know the truth on social media.

However, then I discovered Boston WCVB.com.  This internet site had “real time streaming video“, I noticed CNN (on mute) was behind on what had happened.  The internet television station was there on the scene quickly as gunfire was exchanged, police searched neighborhoods, and residents hid behind curtains.

As the last suspect was caught, it dawned on me how “connected” I was with the people in Boston as they come out of their homes with their loved ones, children, and pets to celebrate the end of the siege and chanted “U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!”

This taught me “why” social media is so important to me and others in our culture.  It connected our shared experience and American spirit.



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