Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Light Relief Can Help With Pain

How would you like fast relief from stiffness, minor muscle pain, and joint pain?

Infrared energy or heat with Light Relief® Therapy:

  • Helps relax muscles
  • Provides improved range and freedom of motion
  • Provides temporary increase in blood circulation
  • Quickly soothes pain out of your body
  • Light therapy helps with stiffness and pain relief

“I had a pain in my neck and used Light Relief® Therapy. In a short amount of time I got relief and felt better!”  Sheri

Experience Light Relief® Now

“Yesterday I could not even get out of bed due to my lower back being ‘stuck’ so I put the large pad on my back 2 times to get pain relief.  Before I knew it I got up like normal and felt fantastic!”  Kathy

Try Light Therapy and see for yourself and experience pain relief.

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