Saturday, January 20, 2018

Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Pain Relief

I had pain and inflammation in my hip.  After taking traditional pain medication, the pain kept coming back. The medication was expensive and had side effects.  So I tried a safe and natural treatment of light therapy for pain relief.

The light and warmth from the device felt soothing and gave me pain relief so I could get back to normal.Light Relief System

Light Therapy

The proven science using LED infrared light for inflammation and pain relief is well-known.  Light therapy can be used for other problems like:

•    Neck pain and headaches
•    Stiffness, inflammation and muscle aches
•    Ligament, tendon or back injuries
•    Joint aches and arthritis
•    Carpal tunnel

Pain Relief for Pets

Light therapy for pain relief can be for animals as well as humans.  As a pet owner, I have used this natural treatment to help with to pain and to improve circulation.

Light Relief System

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