Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Light Therapy is For Pets

Light Therapy is For Pets as Well as People

Today I picked up the “Best of Portland” edition of the Willamette Week, Portland’s Newsweekly.  Thumbing through the “Bests” I found an article about the “Best Dog Antidepressant” and it caught my eye.Light Therapy for Pets

What is the best dog antidepressant?

The article explained about a light therapy lamp for pets (cats, dogs, and more).  The story goes like this – Max Marvin who was battling severe insomnia tried everything to remedy it.  Then upon a suggestion from a sleep specialist, he tried light therapy.  He used the light therapy 30 minutes a day to help reset the sleep cycle and help balance melatonin production, which helps in healthy sleep.  Max said, “After only a week, I was hooked.  I found the light to be incredibly invigorating and an excellent way to liven my spirits every morning, far more so than my usual coffee bender.”

Max also found that his dog, a 6-year-old golden retriever loved the light and hung around to soak up the light.  Max got help from the light therapy it motivated him to look further into how it helps animals in a safe and holistic way.  So he created a light therapy lamp for pets.

Reasons Why Animals Need Light Therapy

Veterinarians say animals require sunlight and are suffering from a lack of it.  They also prescribe prescription medications to boost serotonin levels (with unhealthy side effects).

Pets have similar symptoms to the human Seasonal Affective Disorder – SAD, and they also can have depression, lethargy, lack of appetite, clawing, and inappropriate pooping.

Try it here

Try it here

Benefits of Light Therapy for Pets:

  • Pets show improved energy
  • Decreased anxiety and aggression
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Relief from seasonal Alopecia
  • Improves the health of cats and dogs
  • Your pet enjoys sunshine in any weather

Sol Box Pawsitively Lighting, light therapy lamp, was what Max developed and is a high quality light therapy device, designed specifically for pets.  It is portable and effective. It brings sunshine into the home with full spectrum white light.

Benefits of Light Therapy for People:

I have sleep apnea and back pain.  Ever since I tried light therapy, I found numerous benefits.  It improved my sleep, energy and mood.  Light therapy has no side effects and has benefits for pain relief and other health conditions.

Try Light Therapy for your pets or you, and see the benefits for yourself.

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