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Make Travel Easier With Solar Products

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Travel is Easier With Solar Products

Solar products lessen stress and headaches on trips and saves money.  Traveling these days on vacations and getaways can be made easier and lessen stress with solar products, such as, a solar shower to solar charging gadgets.  The technology today gives us options to make sure we enjoy our trip with family and friends.

Picture This:  You are at the airport and you cannot connect to the outlet as they are all taken.  I know, imagine that!  But you — Oh, you savvy traveler, pull out your solar charger and make that call to your loved one or make last minute check with the office.  Yes, these products can and do make your life easier, especially at the most unexpected times.

Be road trip ready with a solar charger or lantern when the power goes out

When the power goes out what will you do?  Well, when you have a solar charger (solar backpack), you are able to plug in your computer or phone to one of these solar gadgets and be connected again.

A solar lantern is a handy thing to have as well.

Having light and a solar shower in the woods or at the beach gets my vote

CampingI went camping one time and the others were giving me a bad time about my 2 solar showers and my many gadgets.  The feeling of being out in nature is great for a day or so and then I want a shower and a hot one.  A hot shower in the woods is a really wonderful feeling.  As I was enjoying my solar shower and just relaxing, I heard my friends saying that a hot shower did sound good.  So my solar showers were used a lot that trip and many others.

I carry the solar showers to this day in my car just in case.  More than once, the hotels had some hot water issues.  I enjoyed my stay with my faithful solar shower.  It makes hot water that can be used for tea or coffee even hot toddies.  I made many new friends once they learned that I had hot water. 🙂

Now something that I do not like to think about is if the vehicle I’m driving dies.  While camping, I set up camp or forgot to turn the lights in the car off.  A solar battery charger to get home is a nifty gadget.

Traveling and camping in style with a few things helps lessen stress, and helps to unwind.  I have been accused of taking my “environment” with me where ever I go.  I have so enjoyed my many gadgets and can’t wait for the invention of many more.

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