Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Pet-Be-Calm for Pet Anxiety

Our furry friends and loved ones have times of stress

We do not fully understand pet anxiety and the stress of our pets.  While traveling and taking a trip in the car we notice the anxiety of our pets.  We notice our pet’s emotions while traveling in cat carriers or in a noisy airport.  Some pets love to travel and thrive, while others wilt, scream, and howl like a werewolf.

As pet owners, or owners owned by pets 🙂  We search and research to find things to help our pets.

Some really smart people have watched and researched how to calm pets

The research has shown they can be calmer by holding them and snuggling down.  They have created anti-anxiety shirts that snuggle and calm your pet, like the ThunderShirt.  The shirts are a practical solution for helping calm pets in storms or being separated from loved ones.  The patented product website states there is “no need for training or medication”.

I picked up a ThunderShirt for our pet, Snickers, who is an older dog, who shivers with anxiety when he travels in the car.  It worked to him calm down and relax and I didn’t have to hold him, like usual.  It was great to be able to use an alternative solution to help him, instead of medication.

If you want a calm pet, try it.

Click for ThunderShirt


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