Friday, February 23, 2018

Reducing Stress and Living Better

Stress is Epidemic in the United States

According to many studies from the Institute of Stress and many doctors now agree that 80% of all illnesses are a direct or indirect result of stress. It pays off long term to find ways of reducing stress, frustration, anxiety, anger and hurt feelings.  Finding ways to deal with situations as they are happening is a powerful tool we all could benefit from.

Here are 5 Tips for Relaxing and Reducing Stress

  • Watch your breathing, inhale to the count of 3 – hold it for a count of 3 – exhale to the count of 3.  Doing this 5-6  times will allow you and your body to calm down.  This is great for anxiety and reducing stress.
  • Ask yourself, “Is my reaction based on what is being said now, or is it a memory triggered from past conditioning?”
  • Are you fully present…not thinking about past mistakes, or just lost in future imaginings?  Both have their place. Reducing StressThe present is the only place we have to change and make adjustments.
  • Think about something pleasant before entering a meeting.  Let yourself remember why you are there.
  • Give yourself credit for small daily things you do.


light and sound machine

Light and Sound Machine

Light and Sound Machine: Stress, focus, energy, better sleep, and relaxation

If you want to improve your focus or need to relax quickly, a light and sound machine could be of great help. Light and sound machines have programs designed for increasing your focus, helps learning new material or a foreign language.  I have used these machines with great success. These machines use different pulsating lights and sounds.

Acknowledge and Approve of Yourself

This a step to keeping you relaxed and reducing stress.  Loving and approving of who you are regardless, of any self-criticisms.  Moving forward and achieving your goals starts with what you have.  Your talents and abilities have taken you this far.  Persistence carries you to the finish line and the rewards.

You have already proven that you can achieve goals.  Be gentle and kind to yourself and your body.  The body knows when your mind is working against yourself.  Positive thoughts, pleasant scenery, and music helps one come to a more balance and accurate view of any situation.

A useful tool I use is to schedule relaxation breaks into my day (also have shared with clients for years). If it is on my schedule I do it. Elevating the status if it is an appointment, it must be important. This small adjustment has made making lowering stress from “I will get to it soon” to a “priority”. Now it is automatic and I look forward to those breaks. A byproduct is that my productivity has increased along with my focus.

Steve Healing Pic

Music for Healing

Here is an artist Steve Halpren, who has a variety of music for stress, healing or relaxation.

Try these suggestions and let us know.  It takes time but is worth the effort.


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