Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sanitize With UV-C Light – Eliminates Smells and Germs

Sanitize With UV-C Light

Sanitizing with UV-C Light eliminates unpleasant smells like shoes and cell phone germs. We love the power of technology available to us. The power of UV-C Light has been used extensively by hospitals for decades to clean and sanitize.

Benefits of UV-C Light

UV-C Lights are now available to clean without using chemicals. UV-C lights are one of the best inventions this century. The fresh clean smell that clothes receive from the power of the Sun’s cleansing and sanitizing light properties is now available in UV-C sanitizing products.

We love the benefits of UV-C lights and Green Living that we have written a Free UV-C Handbook on the subject. One of the wonders of technology is now you have the opportunity to use the same powerful light in your own environment.

Do you hate opening the front door to be met with the locker room smell from the odor and bacteria smell from our shoes? We know that smell as our friends that visit our home. It is one of the first things we change when we have company. Kill that stinky smell using the germicidal shoe sanitizer for 15 minutes. It has been clinically proven to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus. No more dirty smelly shoe smell!

Shoe Sanitizer

Shoe Sanitizer

Sanitize That Cell Phone

We love our cell phones and the many options they give us including germs on our face and ears. Now there is technology that will keep your phone clean. It’s like using soap. Here is the cell phone sanitizer.

Phone Sanitizer

Phone Sanitizer




UV-C Air Sanitizer

Dealing with allergies and asthma means that cleaning is a way of life. We daily wash and sanitize clothes, bedding, and floors. Sometimes the chemical smell and harshness is added to the problem. The air sanitizer helps the air quality in your environment you can enjoy a cleaner fresher smell in the house.

Think how you can use all that freed up time – read a book, go for a walk, listen to music, and being with your children. Knowing home is cleaner and healthier. Oh, how smart you are!

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