Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Sanitizing with UV-C Light

UV-C Light is Available to Use Every Day

We have all seen and used and use air sprays and air sanitizers that make rooms smell better.  These have value but were never designed to deal with the dangerous viruses and germs factors common in our world today.Sanitizing With UV-C Light

Today the UV-C Light technology that has been used in hospitals, water and treatment plants for decades is available for the everyday person.  Floors and carpets that have been a breeding ground for germs, viruses, and bacteria and can be sanitized with UV-C light.  Dust mites and mold can be killed to reduce allergens.

UV-C Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vacuum

The UV-C Sanitizing Furniture and Bed Vacuum can be used safely on bedding, upholstered furniture, curtains, pet bedding, lamps shades and decorative pillows to name a few.  Some of the many features of this little gem that it is bagless, uses UV-C Light, has strong suction, is portable and lightweight.

One customer Ardythe states after first using the Sanitizing vacuum and sweeper:

“My carpets and whole home smelled noticeably better.  Using it several more times the house smelled even cleaner and fresher.  As a long time suffer of allergies, I experienced easier breathing.  A further benefit was no harsh chemical smell lingered.”


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