Saturday, January 20, 2018

Solar Products For Home And Emergencies

Solar Products for Home and Emergencies

Solar Products for the home range from fans to cool the attic or garage to emergency supplies.  Keep your electronics running during a power outage or have light during an emergency. It is smart and a life-saving investment to have an emergency radio when the power goes out.

Keep your electronics running with a solar battery charger or have a solar powered light in the phone charger and light

Solar products are versatile and becoming more and more a part of our lives.  Not only do solar panels help cool the house and cut our power bill greatly, they are Green and an inexhaustible source of power.



A Solar Fan circulates air

solar attic fan

One of the greatest inventions is a Solar Attic Fan.


The house is the number one investment in our life. Attics and garages are often the forgotten parts of our home and can have a stale smell.  Circulating air in the attic helps keep the entire house cooler in the summer and moves the cold air during the winter. Plus my head is cooler 🙂

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