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Alternative Energy Ideas – Solar Products

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What would it be like to use the free energy of the sun to power your electronics?

You can save money and time by using solar energy to charge cell phone, games, I-Pod, computer, GPS navigator, or digital camera.

Solar battery chargers are relatively inexpensive and can be used anywhere there is sunlight.

All of the solar chargers use photo-voltaic cells to capture sunlight.  Those who hike or bike in the wilderness and without electricity for several days at a time say the chargers are well worth the money and are much kinder to the environment than single-use disposable batteries.

Solar Chargers For Devices

Accessory Power SOLAR Charger Power Pak is designed to charge many LG cell phones, games, MP3 players, GPS, and digital cameras.  The manufacturer says an hour’s charge will provide three hours of cell phone talk time.  It can also be used with AC and USB plugs.

The back-up solar charger, the Rechargeable Power Boost uses solar panels to collect sunlight to charge and run most portable electronics, including iPods, iPhone 3G, and Blackberry cell phones.

Kinesis offers a portable charger that uses the sun and wind.  Great for business trips —one user says it workswell in the vent of a hotel air conditioner at night and on the windowsill in the sun during the day.  Kinesis says the K3 can charge cell phones,  Mp3 players, GPS and digital cameras.

PowerFilm USB + AA Charger, solar battery charger, uses several solar panels to charge internal nickel-metal hydride batteries that charge cell phones, GPS devices, and MP3 players.  The flexible panels are attached to sections of fabric that fold up into a package that fits in a pocket.

The Solio Hybrid 1000 Charger, has photovoltaic solar power, and also uses solar power to charge an internal battery, which then charges cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets,  and GPS devices.

Solar Carriers

Voltaic also offers a solar messenger bag that is wired to charge small electronics that can be carried in multiple pockets inside.  A built-in lithium-polymer battery can be charged by the sun to store power until it is needed.  There is a larger compartment for documents and a laptop, though the manufacturer says the bag is not intended to charge a laptop.

Solarbak is a solar powered backpack that will charge cell phones, mobile devices, powers a battery that will charge any electronic devices, and tablets. Take Your Power with you: to events, school, on-the-go, travel, sports, or on the job.

Solar Charger for Bigger Demands

Solar ChargerSunforce makes a 60-watt solar charging kit that is made up of four framed amorphous solar panels the manufacturer says will charge 12-volt boat, RV,  ATV, and auto batteries.  Sunforce says the panels will withstand hail at 50 miles an hour and charge even on cloudy days.

The company says its 80-watt polycrystalline solar panel, made by Sharp, is higher-efficiency, but must be connected to a charge controller to prevent overcharging and damage to electrical systems and batteries.

Sunforce also offers kits rated at 123,  and 246 watts…both use polycrystalline panels to generate, but not store electrical power.

Customer satisfaction with solar chargers seems to be related to expectations

Purchasers who expect the units to charge multiple batteries quickly will likely be disappointed, while buyers whose demands are not as great are more likely to find the chargers satisfactory.

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