Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stop Holiday Shame Pet Accidents

How to Clean Pet Accidents and End Holiday Shame

Pets are a part of our home and the Holidays are no exception.
Loud music, changed feeding schedules, moved litter boxes, missed walks and eating small toys all contribute to Pet Accidents.

We are so pleased to have people over to visit, then we invite them to the living room.  A strong smell – enough to make your eyes water and then greets you.
Then we think,  “Oh darn, bad dog or cat!”.

Mostly we are disgraced, we wanted everything to be perfect and we know it wasn’t the dog or cat’s fault.

After cleaning up a dog or cat soiled accident,  further blot the area with a combination of vinegar and water.
It will help the smell, or use Nature’s Miracle Odor Formula to help the surface smell.

But to Really Kill Germs, I Recommend UV-C or Ultraviolet Light for Pet Accidents

The UV-C Sanitizing Wand and Sanitizing Furniture & Bed Vacuum kills the germs and bacteria that cause the unpleasant smells clinging in the air. A clean smelling room makes our Holidays more pleasant once again.

Be patient and extra-loving as pets have no idea what is going on.  Making them feel safe goes a long way to heading off more pet accidents. As a former owner of a home plant and pet care business I know this first-hand.

For more on How to Clean Pet Accidents and Cleaning with UV-C and Ultraviolet Light

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2 Responses to “Stop Holiday Shame Pet Accidents”
  1. Fbarrett says:

    I wish there had been the sanitizing wand twenty-some years ago. My housemate had a lovely chocolate Lab that did the wee-wee of joy whenever “Mom” came in the door:)

  2. Darielle says:

    The joy of new technology.