Wednesday, January 24, 2018

When to Give Pets as Gifts

Give Pets as Gifts after many factors have been taken into consideration, including long term costs and cleaning and UV-C Sanitizing. There are many reminders in this article before you decide to buy a pet.
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Cleaning Tips for the Older, Sick or Injured Pet

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The UV-C Sanitizing Bed and Furniture Vacuum is the alternative pet cleaning way to sanitize your pet’s environment. The vacuum uses UV-C light to sanitize. (Continue Reading)

Stop Holiday Shame Pet Accidents

How to Clean Pet Accidents and End Holiday Shame. Pets are a part of our home and the Holidays are no exception. (Continue Reading)

Help for Allergy Sufferers

UV-C sanitizing is a way of killing dust mites, bacteria, viruses and germs. You can use the same powerful light in your life in your life and home for allergy and asthma relief. (Continue Reading)