Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Time Management Tip During the Holidays

Time Management Tip During the Holidays

HolidayI have worked with people on time management in my personal coaching.  I have found that when people are aware to where “time” is going it helps reduce stress and there is a feeling of success.

Here is a tool I created to help you with Time Management.

How To Use The Holiday Time Wheel®

The Holiday Time Wheel®  is already divided into sections that most people would experience during the holidays.  You can determine where your time goes by copying the wheel on your printer, then grab a pencil.

Holiday Wheel ©Copyright Darielle Archer

Go to each section of the wheel and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10.  Pick a number that you feel communicates how much time you spend in each activity. The outside of the wheel is “10 (ten)” being the best, closest to the center of the pie is “O (zero)” being the weakest.  Place a dot on each section and when you have completed the circle connect the dots.  As a result the final wheel will give you visual of how you spend your time and show the places where you can manage your time more effectively.

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