Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tips for a Happy and Greener Holiday

How to Have a Happy Holiday

Happier HolidaysSaving money during the Holidays has become more important in the last decade.  Our money power and available time has diminished quite dramatically.  The money is going out in the increasing cost of food, clothing, car, insurance and home maintenance.  Then “boom” the holidays are here and my money was already gone in August!

I feel a headache coming on combined with a stomachache and I need a nap just thinking about the Holidays.  (Silent scream followed by worry, and the feeling of crying).  After a swift kick in the head, I am back on track. I remember worry causes wrinkles.

I have been remembering times past of simpler holidays, when we made gifts and food.  We put our heart into those activities.  Those were labors of love for family and friends.  It seems like a distant past, or does it have to be?   As I reflect back, I see those times were indeed simple and “green” before it was the all round buzz word.

9  Tips for a Greener Holiday and Happy One, too!

Here are tips for the Holidays that I have found to help save money, help others, give a happy feeling, and to help to Go Greener.Greener Holiday

  1. Donating your time for causes, like collecting coats and gloves for ones who need them.
  2. Is there a single mom or elderly person that could use help?  Just and hour or two could make a world of difference to them. Perhaps donating time to someone at work who has been ill and needs some vacation or sick leave time.
  3. Stocking Stuffers like toys, napkins, pot holders, hand towels, napkin rings, spices, and batteries.
  4. Gift cards can be given as a gift for a movie, grocery store, craft store, popular restaurant, or an online store, such as Amazon. They are no-waste gifts.
  5. Coupons or exchanges.  Buying in bulk with friends or family members.  My sisters and friends do this at holidays and then come with containers and divide the purchases.  It is a fun time spent with those you love, while sharing ideas, recipes, and time saving tips.
  6. Use a living tree in a pot to decorate.  I have done this for years.  The living tree is on the deck most of the year then I roll it into the house to decorate it.  There are also lovely artificial trees now to re-use year after year.
  7. Environmentally friendly toys and games are gifts that are often non-toxic for children.
  8. LED lights save energy and everything put on a timer can save electricity.
  9. Make your own holiday wrapping paper or re-purpose gift wrapping received during the year.

Holidays are what you make. With just a little planning and preparation you can minimize the worry and exhaustion.

I am one of those people that love the Holidays.  In my home and growing up this time of year was fun and magical.  It was filled with laughter and expectations.  My mom made the place warm and loving on a tight budget.  You would never notice the limited budget to visit our home. Even when money was more available, we kept to the simpler ways.  The Holidays are about enjoying time with those you love.

More Holiday Tips

Now back to the Holiday tips.

  1. Doing something for others, like “pay it forward” and buying someone a cup of coffee or latte, can fill the heart with goodwill and the other person will be so grateful.
  2. A gift membership to a gym, museum or animal park can benefit children or adults.
  3. Decorate your marinara jars, peanut butter jars and fill them with freezer jam or pickles.
  4. Give green and ecofriendly gadgets and technology, such as an tablet or e-reader…saves the environment.

Giving green and thoughtful gifts show how much you care about your friends and loved ones and the world we live in.

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