Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tips For Pet Constipation

Tips for keeping your older pet regular and pet constipation

As our loved furry friends age they often have the same problems as older adults, such as digestive challenges and pet constipation.  Here are simple reminders for keeping your senior pets regular:

  • Exercise is so important for animals.  Get some activity whether it is walks, rides, or running up and down stairs. Exercise is not only for building bone density and strengthening muscles, but it also helps with pet digestion.
  • A healthy eating lifestyle is important especially as they age and the age related diseases.  Healthy green treats and whole food are examples of healthy eating.

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  • Keep fresh water to drink for thirst and to flush the intestinal tract and help with pet constipation.
  • Our pets need our time and love. They pick up our feelings and mood without a word being said, the more positive thoughts, the better.


Good Changes Now recommendations

We at Good Changes Now have senior pets and are always looking for solutions to challenges.

Darielle has a cat named Kit, who is 17 years old and is a beloved member of our family.  I want Kit to continue to have quality of life every day.  So I am looking for the best possible products that will help him be healthy and have easy digestion.

We love our senior pets and want them to have a quality life.

Kathy has a dog named, Snickers, who our family thinks is “one-of-a-kind”.  He has a calm temperament and cute strut as his terrier and poodle comes out in his personality.  Our family has tried some of these products to encourage his “inner child” energy and healthy digestion.

Here are some recommendations from our experience for senior pets and pet digestion: Good Changes Now Lifestyle (see below)



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