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When to Give Pets as Gifts

When to Give Pets as Gifts to Children

Who, after all, can resist the sight of a small ball of fur romping through the house?  But animal control experts and Humane Society workers say, in most cases, it is a bad idea.

Small children certainly don’t understand the difference between a living animal and the latest battery-operated toy that can be tossed into a toy box or under the bed until the next time.  Even older children don’t understand that a pet requires a serious commitment of daily care and feeding, time, attention, and a lot of nurturing.  Some say it’s wrong to send children of any age the idea of pets as playthings.

Many parents understand all that, of course, and most often assume the responsibilities of caring for a pet when the child’s mind is drawn to other things.

But the experts say what is missing is careful consideration of how a pet will fit in as part of a family’s dynamics when it is no longer a cute and cuddly puppy or kitten.

A pet should never be an impulse purchase

Seven Things to Consider Before You Give a Pet as a Gift:

  1. Cost of Food
  2. Cost to Clean and SanitizeGifts for Animal Lovers
  3. Veterinarian Bills
  4. Pet Training
  5. Dental Care
  6. Boarding/Kennel care when needed
  7. Caretakers Costs over a Pet’s Lifespan of 10 to 20 Years


Prospective buyers should also consider the size of a pet when it reaches maturity, the amount of room it will have, and the known and suspected temperaments of particular breeds of pets.  Many organizations dedicated to the humane treatment of animals, though not all, insist on interviews with prospective adult owners and will reject those not suited to the adoption of an animal.

Experts also suggest that any holiday is a poor time to adopt a pet and put it into unfamiliar surroundings with unfamiliar people while there is a lot of activity in the house.  Shelter workers say most dogs and cats do not live to see their second birthdays, and nearly half of all animals given as gifts are returned to shelters of pounds within a few months to a year.

Animal relief workers say a gift certificate for the cost of adopting a pet is a better idea than a pet because it gives the prospective owner the chance to make more informed decisions.  If you have not yet found the adoption agency you want to use, you might want to give a gift card, like American Express, that equals the adoption instead of a gift certificate.

Many animals are waiting for a wonderful home and maybe it will be yours.

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  1. Fbarrett says:

    I really like both the kennel care cost and the certificate towards pet adoption cost suggestions. I can easily imagine sliding over the kennel/boarding cost in my mind:)